Monday, November 29, 2010

Teapot Tuesday 122

Nope you're not seeing things.  This teapot is actually made that way on purpose.  Yep!  On purpose.  I, for one do not know why someone would want to own something that looks like it's a mistake, but apparently people do - and they're not cheap either.

Anyway, this is our inspiration for this week - although our creations do not have to be upside-down.  (At least I think they don't, but we'll see who shows up in the gallery that way!)  Cindy has challenged us to bring birds to the party...... and cats..... and it's all got to do with the story she has created to go along with the pot this week.  Click here for the whole deal. 

I've got finches for you, singing as a matter of fact.  No cats today.  Our goldfinches are not so gold these days having their winter olive color now, but I decided to let these little guys keep their bright plumage for this holiday card.

I picked up this Memory Box Singing Bird Trio stamp at One Little Spark in Tuckerton.  It is stamped three times on the top note die cut out and then colored with markers.  I added the fa la la la la la la la with a Micron Pigma marker.  The birds were masked and I added the blue sponging around them.  Below you can see that I gave it some glitter treatment before adding a bow and button.


  1. Thank you for the smile -those little birds are totally adorable - I love all their little red hats.
    I have my tree ornament sitting on my desk as a model for my bird - hope to get round to it after I've had a cup of tea to warm up.

  2. How friggin cute is this!!! LOL LOVE it!!!!- I've been so busy with our move (the week of Thanksgiving), unpacking, organizing... and now Christmas. OYE! But I'm so glad I popped in quick - genius as always, love what you've been up to! - uhhh, Andrea Bocelli, heavenly I'm sure!!! How fun!!


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