Sunday, August 1, 2010

Shower Favors

Here's the secret project I've been up to the last couple of weeks.  My table was full of shower favors for a co-workers' daughter's bridal shower being held today.  She has little glass carafes that fit very nicely which will be filled with fresh flowers.  She's promised me a picture. 

The basic pattern for these comes from Diana Gibbs' Box in a Bag.   Then Julia Bettencourt transformed one of those into this little watering can which I have made before.  I put my spin on it by stamping along the bottom of the can and punching along the top.  The little tags were stamped using a Just Rite stamper - a new toy for me!  The back of the tag has the date on it.  Actually, I wound up adhering two tags together rather than trying to line up the stamp each time.  Worked perfectly - that idea was from the mail lady at work - thanks Carol!

There were 70 to be made and honestly, they are really not that hard to do.  I set myself up like an assembly line, completing each step for all the cans at the same time.  I find that that's much quicker than doing them complete from scratch for each individual one.  And, the project can be portable that way also.  You can take it along with you to get those pieces cut or stamped or adding the red line tap, etc. 


  1. My goodness, Lorraine, you have been busy! I hope your co-worker appreciates the work that went into these - production line making it easier or not! I hope she does give you a picture of the display on the day, I'd love to see how pretty they all look. I don't think I can even imagine punching 150 tags, and tying 75 bows! Well done.

  2. wow just beautiful! great job!

  3. Great Job! They look beautiful. Hope all went well and everyone loved the watering can.


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