Monday, June 14, 2010

Teapot Tuesday 98

If you've followed along with the teapot stories that our Teapot Queen Cindy posts with the weekly challenge you'll know that the number 42,000 pops up very frequently.  I think at one time we were to catch 42,000 pounds of fish, and then another time someone made 42,000 things disappear.... well how funny was it when I recently took a bus trip with my mother and sister and the bus we took was number 42000!  No kidding!  Of course my mother and sister not being teapotters had no idea why I would possibly want to take a picture of the bus number and the bus rules.  I tried to explain, but they just rolled their eyes and nodded their heads and looked at each other as if to say "she's finally gone round the bend."   And the looks I was getting from the bus driver - I don't think he'd ever had anyone take a picture of his bus before.  Must've thought I was some crazy scrapbooker that had to take a picture of everything!  Here it is........

And the rules of course.........

When I got home I just had to share the pictures with Cindy and that's when this week's Teapot Challenge was hatched.  Cindy not only wrote a story about Bus 42000, but she also included another one of my crazier moments.  You see, last summer when I was doing the school supply order I accidentally added a zero to one of the purchases.  Instead of ordering 80 dozen pencils I ordered 800!  It's a good thing for me that pencils are cheap and pencils can keep!  It made no sense to send them back - would have cost too much - so they're stashed away for safe keeping.

But, back to the challenge.  Here is the Teapot that Cindy found - a lovely red bus.............

She has written a great story to go along with this bus, and my bus, and believe it or not.... the pencils.  We're having the party on the bus this week.  You'll see on my card that Bus 42000 is leaving behind some of the other "challenge" buses.  Bus 83 had 53 passengers.  Bus 63 had 55 passengers.  And Bus 72 had a mere 18 passengers.  Let's see how many passengers we can get on Bus 42000 this week.  Afterall, Cindy's teapot is a double-decker.  We can really get it rocking!!!

My buses were all punched out and added to the "pencil" background.  The sentiment - which I thought was fitting - is from Favorite Thoughts. 

Okay, so let's get going.  Let's go see how many passengers will be on this challenge ride!  Come check out the gallery.

And hey Cindy, if you're reading this - thanks for another great week of tea party fun!!!


  1. Oh goodness - that's amazing seeing a bus with that number, no wonder you had to take a photo. I think I have one single bus stamp, so I'll have to read the challenge and see what I can come up with...
    Have to laugh at the pencils - I did something similar when I put in the wrong code for 8ml watercolours and ordered a vast quantity of 21ml Alizarin Crimson, when hardly anyone bought that size. We had to send them back...
    I doubt the tree ferns in the Botanics will recover. They are hardy in parts of the country, but more in the south-west, and they weren't even planted in a sheltered place. Maybe in a normal winter they would have been OK, but a lot suffered from our snow...
    Off now to read the story so I can plan while I'm at work. Thanks for being the inspiration this week - even seeing Cindy's teapot brings back memories from when I worked in London.

  2. OMG! It's been a while since I have have been on your blog! Its beautiful! All Springy and stuff!

    You bet I am reading it! Giggle! You are most welcome and THANK YOU for providing such wonderful inspiration! Tee hee! We might have some confused teapotters today, some of them might go to London, but hey, its happened before!

    I knew you would come up with an amazing card! So creative and fun and who'd a thunk a bus could be so cool outa punches! You rock! Love your card! My fav is 42,000 even tho' Johnny is on the other bus! Tee Hee!

  3. Love your card! I wonder how long it will take your school to go through 800 dozen pencils. Too funny!


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