Friday, May 7, 2010

Flowers of May

Sorry, I don't have a Thursday's Throw Aways today - I may get to it over the weekend.  I had a few errands to do after work today and have been trying to catch up on a few other things around the house.   Yesterday I took a walk up to the garden and did get a few pictures I'd like to share.....

This is the first rose of the season.  I don't know the name, only that it is a climber.

The picture above is from a broom plant.  This one is huge, but so pretty when it's in bloom with it's popcorn-colored blossoms.  And here are a series of columbine photos..................

The first picture was taken from underneath.  I just aimed my camera up and got lucky!  The last one must be a volunteer because it's different in color than the rest.  I love the starbust of the blossoms on the inside. 

What I'm not going to show you is a picture of a pile of leaves that was found outside our back door.  HWNSNBP drove up to the house this evening and chased a hawk away that had it's beak full of bird and the feathers were all over.

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  1. The flowers are just as good as a Thursday throwaway. You do have some lovely ones in your garden - a rose already!! Even my aunt didn't have any, and her garden is very sheltered. I love the scent of broom. When I worked in import and distribution of fine art supplies, one brand was a French paper company. And one of the papers was called Broom in French, but when someone was trying to decide how to translate it, they didn't think enough people would know what colour to expect if they just said Broom...I always thought that even Yellow Broom would have been better than transliterating Genet into Jennet [Yellow] though, a yellow donkey???
    And as for the aquilegia, they take me right back to growing up, I always thought that like the fuchsia, they were like little dancers. I don't think I've every had them in any of my own gardens, though.


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