Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Administrative Assistant's Day

You probably remember it as Secretary's Day.   It's now known as Administrative Assistant's Day or Administrative Professional's Day.  Either way it was today.  These are some little goody bags I made up for the clerks and secretaries, no wait, the administrative assistant's in our school district.  They have candy kisses, a flavored tea bag, a fancy binder clip and some of them had little note pads in them. 

It was a crazy day at work today.  More so than any other crazy day.  Our school budget was defeated yesterday.  Three mediocre (and I'm being polite when I say that) candidates were elected to the Board of Education.  We had a class trip to Philadelphia and one class left their lunches at the school.  And, I registered a new student who does not speak any English. 

But the highlight was the beautiful Hydrangea that the staff gave me along with a card signed by the staff with a lottery ticket in it.  Sadly, it was a loser, but the thought was there.  And my boss gave us a giftcard to Olive Garden.  Oh, and I saved a couple of candy kisses for myself!


  1. That can't pay you enough for all you Lorraine. Administrative assistants or whatever the current word is are worth their weight in gold and then some.

    I love reading your blog, especially all the digs at education. Being in education does not make me oblivious to all the problems but only makes them really noticeable.

    Happy Admin. Ass't Day.

  2. Thanks Kate! What a nice thing to say. Hopefully I be keeping my job so I can continue to entertain you with my stories!

  3. Those butterfly tags are lovely!
    A student with no English!! We'd had those over here, but I don't envy a teacher having to deal with it. When it's been something like the Vietnamese boat people, and then a whole lot of Bosnian refugees, the government was quite good at organising a support teacher for a while. We had a friend who did it with the Bosnians, travelling round several schools and helping the kids with individual tuition till they got a hold on things. I don't think there was anything like that with all the African immigrants, though - tight budgets all round. Each year my brother and his wife wonder will their oldest get the support assistant he needs if he's to continue in mainstream education.

    What's wrong with plain old secretary :D.
    Enjoy your hydrangea - and the spare candy kisses.


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