Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday's Throw Aways - Week 19 - Postcard Matchbox

I work in a school and part of my job is putting the daily mail in the staff mailboxes. Believe it or not, we do get a lot of junk mail, most of which goes into the recycling. Every once and a while something will come in that catches my eye. It might be a catalog with an interesting cover, or something like this postcard below.

This is an oversized postcard from a local college addressed to a retired teacher and would have been thrown into the recycling container, but what you can't see from the picture is that it is heavyweight and glossy and, well, I just thought it could be repurposed into something useful.

I carefully laid it out on my matchbox die so that when I ran it through the Big Shot, old Thomas Edison there would be on the front of the matchbox top.

We have a college graduation party to attend this weekend, so I think I will put some chocolate nuggets in there and, if I don't get around to it, I will fold up the gift check and include that too!

Here is another way to use that matchbox die. I made three boxes using the new In Colors and stacked them one on top of the other. Then I wrapped a pretty piece of DSP around them to hold them all together. I added the ribbon knots on the front of the "drawers" as pulls. This will be a nice addition to my desk at work or maybe another gift. What would you use if for?


  1. If I were you I would send it to me!!!!JJ That post card is just ingenious, I get plenty of those! Thanks for your great tips.

  2. What would I do with it? ME? The one with no space? I'd sit with it on my LAP and drool and show it to Joe, and drool.


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