Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wow - What a Card!!

Look what came in the mail for me. HWNSNBP brought the mail up and HE was grinning ear to ear. "You got something from someone in Colorado" he said. I told him that it was probably a birthday RAK because it's March. And he told me he didn't think so, then handed me this huge envelope. Well, not that huge. It was a manilla envelope that was flat but lumpy at the same time.

I saw the return address and smiled - it was from my Teapot Tuesday friend Cindy. She sent me the card that she made the week she featured the teapot that I sent her. Inside the envelope that card was carefully wrapped in some advertising posters from "The Egg & I" restaurant (which I think she might work at and if I ever get to Colorado will be sure to visit).

She wrote this in her note: "Bet you never got a cardboard card before! Snort"

Well Cindy, no I haven't ever gotten a cardboard card before and I'm thrilled that you treated me to my first! It's absolutely beautiful in person. The cardinal and the berries as well as the edges of the holly are all clear embossed. And the textures are simply out of this world. She must have used a ton of dimensionals to raise all those horizontal bars, let alone cut them out and color and wrap with twine.

I am so touched to receive such a work of (he)art. Thank you Cindy!!!!

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  1. All of the sudden I remembered you had sent me an email that you posted my card and I had spaced coming over to look at it!

    You are so very welcome. It was a small token of my appreciation for the wonderful teapot you sent me! I knew you would not have seen a cardboard card! Snort!

    Thank you for much for the kind words. I hope you are feel better each day and gaining some strength!

    You make me feel so special to post my card on your blog! You are so kind! Thank YOU!!!


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