Monday, March 9, 2009

A Couple of Cases

This baby card uses SU's retired Bundle of Joy. I never got enough use out of this set up until now. The card itself is a trifold having a pocket on the inside to hold a gift card or check. The baby blankets are punches as are the baby's face.

I don't have the information to tell you whose idea this originally was. I've had the punched motif in a file for a long time.
The Thank You card is a case of cmsuto . I put this one in my favorite file this past week. I have had the Beautiful Border set and I think this card is perfect with it.

For a simple card there is a lot of detail in the paper piercing and the embossing. The sentiment in this case makes it a Thank You card, but it can be anything according to what sentiment you choose.


  1. GASP and a giant CHOKE!!! You hooked me a long time ago with your tombstone photos. Remember? That's how we met. And now you're showing cards! My other love. Now, let's just figure out where you're going here. You're jerking me around like a lovesick teenager! I wanna be a co-conspirator with you!!

    WHO do you send YOUR cards too? No one wants mine! I feel so WORTHLESS!

    Together, we could rule the world!!!! Bwaaahaaahaaa

  2. Ooops. *cough* I thought I was on another site that I visit regularly. She photographs tombstones very beautifully and I was shocked that she (I thought) was now making cards. delete Will Robinson! Delete!



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