Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Morning Surprises

I got to sleep in a little this morning. Sound exciting? Maybe not for you, but for me, yes. I have been getting up with HWNSNBP since my surgery in order to get my shower before he leaves the house (just in case something goes awry), and he has had full weekend schedules of basketball games to officiate that have started early. But, today the games were cancelled for a wrestling tournament or something.

This was especially helpful this morning as we were woken up at around 3 a.m. by a phone call. It was the DS and his girlfriend who were outside in the driveway and couldn't get into the house because the storm door was locked. It's DS birthday next Monday and he and a bunch of friends were celebrating at the bar that he bounces in in Hoboken last night. They had rented a "party bus" for those that were going so no one had to drive (thank goodness), and when they returned, I am surmising - since they are still asleep - that they were not in good enough condition to drive to their apartment. So they sacked out upstairs.

But the nicest surprise so far - it's only 9 a.m. - was seeing these...............

It's 42 degrees and supposed to go up to 55 today. A pseudo-spring day! I believe there is not a soul in the state of New Jersey that isn't looking forward to this kind of weather.

I will be posting some projects later on today. I have a little Valentine's Day get together that I'm invited to and ....... I get to drive!!!! Yes, I got my driving privilege back earlier this week, and save for a very short trip to the grocery store on Friday morning (less than 2 miles) I have not driven in a month. Should be an interesting day.

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  1. I hope Spring is there to stay soon. I cannot imagine living in a true winter climate again. I remember when I was young my family had sort of a tradition of who could spot the first robin in the spring. Stay warm!


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