Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Pierogi Day and the Card

The day after Thanksgiving, when other people are out doing their Christmas shopping, my husband and I prepare for our annual pierogi making day. This is when our family gets together to make the pierogi for our Christmas Eve vigil. We have been doing this at my house for the last 15 years or so.

Yes, we did manage to get a little shopping done in the morning but not at the Christmas sales. They were just quick trips to Michaels and Costco to pick up a few things. The shopping for the pierogis had been done by HWNSNBP much earlier in the morning before I even woke up. (He does lists well!) So all that was left was to prepare the kitchen. Now given the amount of "stuff" that I have in the kitchen this could take 1/2 hour or so. And that stuff has to have a place to go - which is all over the house, wherever there is space. With that done, I washed down the counters and covered the table with a plastic tablecloth and waited for the rest of the ingredients and the workers (my mother, sister, and brother) to arrive.

While we were sitting collecting our thoughts before we each took our assigned positions, HWNSNBP went and got the mail. When he brought it in the kitchen he announced that I had a letter or something from Kentucky. My mother says "who do you know in Kentucky?" To which he adds "oh she has friends all over the place because of her blog." My sister's head spins around and she says "You have a blog? You aren't blogging about the family are you?"

No, I'm not and have not. Yet. At least not about that side of the family!

So let me tell you, or rather show you what I did get from Kentucky...... this beautiful card from my blogging friend Dana over at Life is Good. I don't remember how I found Dana, or maybe she found me, but I do enjoy visiting her every day through her blog. I'm sure if we ever do meet in person we would be fast friends.

To Dana, I say thank you for the beautiful handmade card. It means a lot to me! To my family, just know that I'm keeping good notes!


  1. We LOVe pierogi's at our house! Mu mother in law makes them, and they are to DIE for!!!


  2. Hope your pierogi making went well and that you had an enjoyable time making memories with your family.
    I've only had a pierogi one time in my life, about 35 years ago at a little pierogi shop on the Big Island. Pierogi is hard to come by in the islands.
    Take care.


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