Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Goodies Finally Delivered

Well, it's only 3 days after Halloween, but I finally delivered the rest of my goodies. I found the six pack of orange cream soda in those cute little mini cans at Wegmans in September and had them tucked away.

The cookies are my spice cookies - recipe in a previous post. The little witches hat hides a peanut butter cup - simple and quick.

The 2-4-6 milk carton was an idea I saw on this blog but I left out the window. There was candy in it and a specially wrapped piece of pumpkin almond fudge. I hope they all enjoyed it!


  1. So cute! I delivered the rest of mine Sunday!

  2. Cute, cute cute! Especially love the witches hat decoration on top of the can.


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