Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Women

Hey, I'm not a film critic. Nope, don't even want to be one. Just to say that I saw the movie "The Women" with my friend JT this weekend and we both enjoyed it. It's not a tear-jerker or a whodunnit or a sidesplitter, but it's better than a made-for-tv movie. You can't go wrong with an all female cast (at least not with these females). Good movie - enjoyed it - would it get an Oscar? Well, if they give an Oscar for the worst snack in a movie it would definitely get my vote for the snack that Meg Ryan concocted in the absence of any junk food in the house. Here's the recipe:

Stick of butter (or margarine)
Container of cocoa powder (I'm guessing unsweetened because of the next ingredient)
Bowl of sugar

Partially unwrap the stick of butter so you can still hold it without getting your hands all greasy.
Dip the open end first in the can of cocoa powder and then in the bowl of sugar. No heating necessary, just take a bite.

Repeat as often as you can stomach it.

Sounds delish - no!

So I ask, what's the weirdest thing you've concocted to eat?

I'll go first - my sisters and I used to make open-faced salt sandwiches when we were younger (much younger). We outgrew that. But I do still have a salt craving now and then!

Your turn.


  1. let me get back to you.....anything tastes good when you love food!

  2. Interesting recipe. Hmmm, instead of ingesting this, I think I shall just rub it all over my thighs as this is where it will all end up anyway. Yummo....buttah! ,-)

  3. well - after reading that meg ryan recipe i can't think of anything that i've eaten that's worse than that!!!! a really good movie to see is the original The Women starring
    Norma Shearer, Joan Crawford, Rosalind Russell,Hedda Hopper...it's a wonderful movie..it's from the 30's -the clothes are great!!!


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