Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pink and Yellow - Sunrise, Sunset

It's been a rather melancholy day. In and effort to achieve some privacy in our backyard, we are going to put up a privacy fence. Not for the length of our property, only for a portion that leaves us no privacy from our neighbors. And in doing so, we had to take down the basketball hoop. We put the hoop in when my children were quite young. We macadamed the area and I remember the year that Chris was away at basketball camp when my husband and I painted the lines on the court with a giant stencil. It's just about half-court size.

My son is now 27 and lives with his girlfriend, yet so much of his childhood took place on that court and in gyms and basketball courts all over the state. He still plays ball, but not here. Yes, on occasion, he would grab the B-ball and take some shots, but the court has been rather neglected. So, in an effort to gain that privacy I mentioned we thought the b-ball court would some day make a nice outdoor room.

The first step would be removing the hoop and today was the day. I couldn't watch as they took it down. I knew that I wouldn't be able to hide the tears. Sounds silly I know. Chapter ended. Next week the fence goes up and another chapter begins. Sunrise, sunset.

I had intended to use these pictures as a color combo jumping off point, but they seemed to fit in with my mood here. Pink and yellow, the colors of - my favorite cherries which evoke such strong childhood memories for me of the tree in our backyard - the rose on the first rose bush that we planted here despite my allergy to roses - the gerbera daisies that we chose to use in our planters on the deck this year - the black-eyed susans and pinks in the garden that has been much neglected because of my inconvenient back. Pink and yellow - the colors of the sunrise and the sunset...............sometimes takes your breath away

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  1. I love pink and yellow! I love cherries too, I wish cheery season was longer.


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