Sunday, June 1, 2008

Baby Bluebirds

I haven't posted about the bluebirds since we lost the first clutch to the nasty wrens. So you may be surprised to see that WE HAVE BABIES!!!!

Mom and Dad have been very diligent in keeping a good eye on the box/nest. Also, it appears the wrens got the message when we kept pulling out the sticks and twigs (which is okay to do until it forms a cup shape) and took up lodging in our country store bird feeder outside our back door. We hadn't been using the bird feeder because the squirrels were chewing it apart to get the seed. So now we have the very nasty, noisy wrens as neighbors!! But that's okay as long as they leave these babes alone.

They open their mouths in response to noise that they hear overhead. Don't they almost look like yellow flowers growing out of a fuzzy clump of something?

The parents have been in and out of the nest box feeding them insects and removing the poop. This was taken two days ago so we will make a check on them later to see how they have grown. I'll being sharing pics as I get them.

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  1. They are so cute. We have babies (3) also but I think ours are robins. Our nest is tucked in under the deck so we can not get a clear view of the babies. We have to peek between the wood flooring.


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