Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Wishes

How sad is this that a crafter resorts to adding masks to hard-boiled eggs for Easter! I thought they were cute, my daughter said she will have nightmares from these (she's 25, go figure). Well, when your kids are grown and you don't have grandchildren yet is there a point in coloring eggs? How much egg salad can one eat with all the other leftovers? I thought I was being pretty resourceful - they only cost me a buck during one of my $ store excursions.

Happy Easter to anyone who is reading this. I hope you had a wonderful day with your family (or without if that's how you prefer it). I'm going to go finish my Easter cards (we're way past last minute here) and straighten out my work area to get back to business tomorrow. Luckily I get an extra day off this week. The students and staff are off the whole week, but we, in the office, only get tomorrow unless we use vacation, personal or sick time. Maybe I can call in sick - you know after a couple of days of leftover ham and kielbasa I am going to be sick of it!!!!

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